The annual report for the previous year is presented at school council's AGM. This is a link to our 2017report.


In 2014 the school undertook its quadrenniel review.

  • The peer review report is here.
  • Our self-evaluation is here.


In a nutshell the panel made the following recommendations: 

  • Improve the tracking of student learning (as per grammar model)
  • Improve the processing for transitioning students
  • Enhance the use of individual learning plans
  • Improve the freqency of parent-teacher-student interviews
  • Focus on writing
  • Focus on ‘creative’ maths
  • Refine the 6 Ways of Thinking teaching model
  • Adopt the use of school-based surveys
  • Implement a social skills program
  • Develop the idea of the ‘Zeerust’ student
  • Develop the professional capacity of teachers
  • Implement a digital technology plan


Our data was extremely good especially when only those students present in the school for the entire four years of the last strategic plan are considered.